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Executive Board


Executive Board:

President:  Damita James (Middle Georgia GLRS)

President-Elect: Karin Fisher (Georgia Southern University)


Vice President: Toni Franklin (Columbus State University)


Immediate Past President:  Michelle Starley (Houston County School System)


Secretary: Larissa Beecher (Houston County School System)


Treasurer: Heather Lewis (Gwinnett County School System)


Executive Committee 

CEC Student Chapter Advisors: Stephen Wills, Shaunita Strozier, Kimberly Harris, Nai-Chen Kuo 

GA Council for Administrators of Special Education: Mary Kay Berry

GA DOE Liaison: Carson Cochran

Membership Coordinator: Katie Hanniger

Mini-Grants: Stephen Wills

Children and Youth Action Network (CAN) Coordinator:Kelly Standridge

Awards Coordinator: Emilie Winnicki

Constitution & Bylaws Coordinator: Carol Quinn

Pioneers Representative:  Mike Weinroth

Last Updated:  20 November, 2020

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